All Skills Intermediate/Advanced

Max Registration: 40 (45)
Cost: $90
Location: Day Break Middle School | Battle Ground, WA
Time: 6:00-8:30pm
Dates: July 23-25th


Registration is now open!

Click on the link below.

  • Click "Classes"
  • Click "Summer Camps"
  • Select Intermediate/Advanced Camp


NW Reign Volleyball is excited to offer summer clinics this summer for youth athletes in our area! Our team of coaches will bring the knowledge, experience, and passion for the game to help build your athlete’s skill sets.

The Intermediate/Advanced Camp is designed for volleyball players who have at least 3 seasons of playing experience. This is an all skills camp where we will provide quality instruction to all aspects of the game while building on technique and fundamentals.  The camp will be based on various drills, mini games, and competitive play with the goal of increasing the athlete's skill sets and passion for the game. To best serve the athletes, coaches will match athletes to the appropriate court assignments based on their experience and knowledge of volleyball. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

*** All athletes must be USAV Registered. Athletes who competed in the 2017/18 club season are covered and will need to provide their ID number. Athletes that are currently competing in the 2018 beach season and have registered are covered and will need to provide their ID number. Athletes who did not play club volleyball, or have not registered for beach/summer season will need to complete a one- time membership with USAV for the summer session (once registered your athlete will be covered for the entire summer session). Please follow the link below for the one time registration and $15 fee.

Registration Link:

NW Regions Website:

More Information under “Members Info” Tab. Please be sure to select Junior Summer