Meet the Coaches

Tayor Asch

Taylor Asch

Head Coach

Taylor will be joining us for her second season this year. After a year off from coaching we are excited to have her re join the NW Reign coaching staff. When we asked Taylor her coaching philosophy she shared " I believe that hard work and discipline can get you anywhere you want to be and hope to instill this in the girls this year." She also stated that she like develop the knowledge piece of the game, "I believe in teaching athletes the "why" behind the game, this gives them an understanding at a deeper level and helps them learn to make strategic and wise choices during matches." We are excited to have Taylor's passion and enthusiasm for the game and development of young athletes this year!

Taylor began playing volleyball at the age of 9. She fell in the love with sport right away and played all the way through High School. During her juniors career Taylor played at an elite club in the Gresham/Barlow area formally known as Cascade Juniors VBC. In High School Taylor played at Centennial High School helping he team make it to the State Competition. Taylor was most recognized for her role as a DS but was also able to step in and swing on the pins when her team needed her.

After High School opted our of collegiate play despite having offers. She chose to reinvest in the game and start developing the next generation of players as a coach! She started coaching locally at a small club in the area with 16u athletes, before moving to Vancouver and helping out with Vancouver community programs. Taylor joined NW Reign for the 2016 season with our 12's pod, and will be rejoining us this year in our 14's.


Karlie Jase Lee

Karlie Lee

Assistant Coach

Karlie will be joining NW Reign for her first season this year! We are happy to have her join our 14's pod with coach Taylor. Karlie is bringing a strong passion and enthusiasm for the game. She grew up in Portland playing three years on varsity at Rex Putnam High School. While at Rex Putnam Karlie set for her team and helped lead them to state playoffs for the first time in 15 years! Karlie also saw success in her juniors career as well setting for her club teams.

Kalie began coaching right out of High School for one of Portland's well known clubs. She took pride in developing young athletes and saw technical, mental, and competitive growth in her 14u athletes. When we asked Karlie her coaching philosophy she said, "I like to take things seriously while also having fun. No slacking, always giving 100% effort and seeing a player do there best and improve while having fun is what I love most about coaching."

Karlie is currently studying at Portland State University where she is seeking a pre-physical therapy degree. She also continues to play volleyball with the PSU club volleyball team. We are excited to have Karlie's knowledge and fresh perspective join our coaching staff!