Meet the Coaches

PT Thilavanh

Head Coach

PT is well known for excellence in the Portland/Vancouver volleyball scene. PT has most recently been coaching at the 16s and 18s age levels for one of the largest clubs in the region.  In addition to coaching,  PT has 22 years of playing experience, and he continues to have great success both indoor and outdoor.  PT is also a respected volleyball leader and teacher.  In addition to his club coaching experience and playing experience, PT hosts club, high school, and collegiate fund raising tournaments and has assisted in volleyball class instruction at Oregon State University.

PT also runs NWAS Volleyball, which is dedicated to promoting volleyball play in our area.  PT and Terin won the championship in their Doubles division of the 2012 Annual Seaside Volleyball Tournament. We are very pleased that PT will be a Head Coach with our 18-2 team!


Yung Nguyen

Assistant Coach

Yung will be joining NW Reign as an "official" coach this season. He has been volunteer coaching for the past two years with our 16's and 18's pods. He brings 12 years of playing experience and brings strength in teaching systematic volleyball with an emphasis on defensive strategy. PT and Yung finished the 2015/2016 season with our 16-1 team helping them move up 11 spots and finishing 14th in Region.

When Yung is not coaching he continues to be very active in the Portland/Vancouver volleyball scene. Currently he plays in CEVA adult Men's tournaments, weekly indoor leagues, and Co-Ed tournaments. Yung has had success bringing  junior athletes and introducing them and their families to volleyball outside of club.

When Yung is not playing volleyball he is watching volleyball, talking about volleyball with friends, and traveling for volleyball . His un-related volleyball hobbies include being with friends and family and playing basketball. We are happy to have Yung join us as a full time coach this season!