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College Recruiting Profile Form

Once you have downloaded and filled in this form, you can save it and submit by emailing your finished document to

NW Reign is happy to post current NW Reign athletes information pages to support the college recruiting process for families who are interested.  The form above has suggested content, based on NW Reign's experience of the type of information that colleges like to see.  You may choose to alter the content, as appropriate to your player's circumstances. For our 18's pod, and 16-1 team you will have additional support with a Sports Recruits profile (see below). Sports Recruits will be extended to our entire 16's pod for the 2020 season.

Please note, the information that you upload here will become PUBLIC.  Accordingly, you should only upload information that your family is comfortable with sharing with the general public. If there is information that you don't want to share, then leave those parts blank.

Players/families are under NO obligation to post information for a college recruiting page.  Sharing information on this page is STRICTLY OPTIONAL and at the discretion of Reign families.

Alternatively, Reign can link your player roster name to a website of your choosing if that is preferable to you.  If you prefer this alternative, please e-mail us the link that you'd like your player's roster name hyperlinked to.

Alternatively Part 2, you may use the form provided strictly as a player summary that you choose to e-mail to college coaches, even if you don't want to create a webpage.


18.1 | 18.2 | 17.1 | 16.1

Sports Recruits is offered for the above teams to aide in the recruiting process as our athletes work towards their goal of becoming a collegiate student athlete. A full launch will be available for our remaining 16's teams in 2019.2020.

Athletes participating on the above teams will receive a profile to store all of their primary recruiting information, including all highlight videos. Not only that, but in the coming months SportsRecruits will be rolling out an in platform highlight editor so everyone can create their highlight reels inside of the platform. To top it all off - every single college coach in the country is a pre-registered user of SportsRecruits. That means our athletes will have the ability to reach out to any college coach in the country. You will also have access to a school search function that will allow you to look up any school in the country based on your specific academic and athletic criteria. It is used across the country by every single top volleyball program and we are excited to be offering it as a part of our organization!