We are excited to share our partnership with Sports Recruits. Sports Recruits is  your one stop shop for all your recruiting needs. As a member of NW Reign Volleyball our athletes participating in the 18's, 17's, 16's, and 15's pod 16.1 will receive a profile to aide in the recruiting process for the 2019.2020season.
We will set up with a profile where each of our athletes can store all of their primary recruiting information, including all highlight videos. Not only that, but in the coming months SportsRecruits will be rolling out an in platform highlight editor so everyone can create their highlight reels inside of the platform. To top it all off - every single college coach in the country is a pre-registered user of SportsRecruits. That means our athletes will have the ability to reach out to any college coach in the country regardless of division. You will also have access to a school search function that will allow you to look up any school in the country based on your specific academic and athletic criteria. It is used across the country by every single top volleyball program and we are excited to be offering it as a part of our organization!"


Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of Sports Recruits for you and your athlete.